Staff Spotlight: Mrs.Goodrich

Staff Spotlight: Mrs.Goodrich

Andrew Pennybacker, Copy Editor

Mrs. Goodrich, a driver’s ed and health teacher, has been a staff member here for 18 years and a past nominee for WV Health Teacher of the year.

Not only do students here at Park know her, but they most likely know the Goodrich name in general as well. As she has her son Gavin, a senior here who plays golf and won 2 team titles for the school, as well as an individual title earlier this month.  She said she enjoys having a son in the school because, “I got to experience high school with him.” She got into teaching while being at Marshall, studying to become an athletic trainer. While there, she and others from Marshall, went to West Huntington High School (since consolidated into Huntington High) for sports games. She adored the high school setting, and that’s when she changed her major to Health and Physical Education. 

 Mrs. Goodrich also loves Disney World, and that’s what her backup plan would be if she currently wasn’t a teacher; doing itinerary planning for Disney. Which she said, “I help others all the time with planning.”   

  When I asked her about watching Gavin, Mrs. Goodrich said, “I can’t enjoy a whole lot until it’s over, and when he is playing well, I enjoy watching it all come together.” This also leads into her favorite moments while being a staff member, with her answer being watching all of the different teams win state titles and accomplishing what they worked so hard for and what they wanted. Lastly, when asked to give future freshman advice, she responded by saying that you shouldn’t let schoolwork overwhelm you, and that teachers will work with you.