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The Park Press

The Student News Site of Wheeling Park High School

The Park Press


Our Mission

We, the Park Press, a student-run news source, serve Wheeling Park High School and the upper Ohio Valley community.

Writers of the Park Press work inside and outside of school to create articles that are worthwhile and truthful.

We highlight the accomplishments of Wheeling Park and help students’ voices to be heard.

We strive to tell all sides of the story while ultimately leaving it up to the reader to interpret.

As The Park Press, we set the standard for our readers to expect high-quality, accurate news straight from the source on mutlitple platforms including our website, newsmagazine, and social media sites.

Our Story

The Park Press was originally founded in the 1976-1977 school year, Wheeling Park’s first year as a high school. The Press produced news until it was mostly discontinued in 2008, fully stopping production in 2015. But as of the 2022-2023 school year, it has been back up and running.

Last year, the Press had 13 members. This year, the staff has jumped to 32 students taking part in Journalism classes I and II. Students in the Press are encouraged to conduct interviews, get quotes, and find new information for their articles daily.

In addition to a monthly print edition and a website full of even more published articles, the Park Press also produces podcasts! Using equipment in the new ILC, our writers turned to talkers and our readers turned into listeners!

Additionally, our program received the First-Time Convention Grant through the Journalism Education Association (JEA). Two of our reporters and our advisor will be attending the JEA National Conference in Boston in early November where they will collaborate with other students from around the country in various journalism workshops.

2024-2025 Park Press Leadership

Co-Editors-in-Chief: Carter Bauer and Maliah Miskiewicz

Executive Sports Editor: Lily Brinker

Copy Editors: Anna Contraguerro, Andrew Pennybacker, and Claire McFadden

Public Relations and Social Media Editor:



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