Park Bowling Team Leaves Nothing Spared

Taylor Andrews, Managing Editor

The Wheeling Park Bowling Team has burst onto the scene as a Park sport with the girl’s team having a record of 3-3 and the boys team having a record of 5-2. This being the first year of the team, it is coached by Mr. Orth and Mr. Chacalas.

When asked about starting the bowling team, Orth answered, “Everybody else already had it, we were just a little late to the party. We had a bowling team when I was here, but it wasn’t recognized as a sport. Now, it’s actually recognized as an OVAC sport.”

The bowling team practices four times a week before tournaments and usually go down and bowl games and try to fix what is wrong before their next match.

When asked about his favorite part of coaching, Orth answered, “I love bowling. I worked at a bowling alley. It’s fun to pass down what I know and have kids who are excited about it.”

Orth hopes to take a focus on consistency as the team gears up for OVACs.

Sophomore Sarah Seiverston is a member of the team this year, and when asked about what she enjoys about bowling, she answered, “It’s not as stressful as other sports at Park.”

She feels she’s seen a lot of improvement this year, especially in her form, and hopes next season, “to have more girls on the team and have a great season. Also for an OVAC championship.”

Junior Zac Davis is also a member this year. When asked about what he enjoys, he answered, “I enjoy being part of a family. It’s more than just teammates. This has brought a bunch of people that have never met before together and we have learned from each other.”

Davis feels that not only has his bowling game improved, but also his social skills and commitment. 

“My hopes are really high for next year.” Davis said. “We are only losing one senior, Mikel Henderson, who’s a very big asset to our wins this year. It’ll be really hard to fill his shoes on the team, but hopefully one or more will be able to. But my focus right now is on OVACs.”

Bowling season runs from the end of October to February, so be sure to show our bowlers support as they reach the end of their season!