Small Business Season

Carter Bauer, Public Relations and Brand Editor

With small business Saturday just recently passing, I have been inspired to complete my holiday shopping locally. There is pretty much something for every category of friend, whether it be the foodie or the fashionista. So today we are going to discuss 3 perfect small business options to shop this christmas. 

The most popular type of small business in Wheeling is definitely the culinary world. There are so many delicious options for the food lovers in your lives. For your fine dining friend there’s always the eating out experience at Elle and Jacks. But if you have more of a brunch buddy the sourdough avocado toast from Sarah’s On Main is to die for. Now there aren’t just savory options around here if you have a person in your life with a sweet tooth, Later Alligator offers some of my favorite sweet crepes. Time, or a lack thereof, is a big thing for me, so I’ll probably be taking the giftcard route this year. 

I am a girl who loves to shop for clothes, but it’s getting to be a little too much. A more sustainable option would be shopping second hand, especially when it comes to clothing. A nice consignment store near us is Ditto Boutique. If you’re not looking for a second hand, there is also Ash & Tin in Center Market. Locally we also have many small business thrift stores such as: St.Vincent de Paul Society Thrift Store, REStyle Wheeling, and Payton’s Pretties. 

The last type of gift is for the book worm in your life. In Wheeling the book store scene is small, but still available. You can always stop into either The Paradox Bookstore or Vigilant Books in the Center Market area. Another option is to purchase a library card. It is zero charge, and is the gift that keeps on giving. 

I hope that this gave you a few gift ideas that are more sustainable than buying from a big corporation. If you think of any other small businesses be sure to direct message your ideas to our instagram @the_parkpress for a possible mention.