Eat Some Turkeys, But Don’t DRESS Like One!

Eat Some Turkeys, But Dont DRESS Like One!

Carter Bauer, Public Relations and Brand Editor

Thanksgiving is a holiday dedicated to spending time with the people we are most grateful for, watching season 3 episode 11 of Gossip Girl, and most importantly, eating. When Thanksgiving rolls around, I never know what exactly to wear. So as your self declared fashion guide I’m going to offer up a few ideas of what you could sport this turkey day!

A must have for Thanksgiving is a classic turtleneck. I love a turtleneck in the fall mostly because it can kind of be paired with anything; like a simple pair of jeans or under a dress. But the outfit that most screams day of gratitude is definitely a cute printed pant and a solid colored turtleneck. Plus if my fashion icon, Logan Frazier, is wearing it, you can bet it will be recreated. To also go with a turtleneck, you could wear jeans and throw on a button down or flannel over to add not just layers, but also a cute print. 

Another one of my favorite Thanksgiving day items would have to be anything corduroy. Corduroy is just so fall and comes in many different forms. The most accessible form of corduroy is pants. I love my corduroy pants paired with a more slim fit, earth toned shirt. If you’re looking to experiment more with your fashion, try a colored corduroy and a textured top. 

Now, let’s talk shoes. A few great shoe options are Doc Martens, Uggs, a delicate flat, and sneakers such as converse. Docs, or really any black combat boots, are great for Thanksgiving mostly because you can dress them up or down. Similarly, Uggs worn with a nice pair of jeans and a sweater would be great for the holiday season. I’m sure a few of you are criticizing me for putting sneakers on the list, but I love the way my converse can casualize any outfit that feels just a little too dressy.

On the topic of Thanksgiving, let’s review the leftovers to keep in mind when picking out your outfit. One: Earth tones are a must have for Thanksgiving. I just feel that since it’s fall and getting to be the holiday season, we need to bring out all our dark colored pieces. Two: wear tights under your skirts and dresses. Considering it is November, you will most likely want that extra layer, and in my case, I just don’t want anyone seeing my pale legs. Plus, if you wear tights you don’t have to shave your legs! Three: it’s okay to dress down for Thanksgiving dinner. Fat pants are essential and I can promise the people not wearing them will feel a bit of regret after chowing down.

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