Boys Soccer Push Forward

Photo provided by WPHS Tresz McLeod

Photo provided by WPHS Tresz McLeod

Carter Bauer, Public Relations and Brand Editor

The WPHS boys soccer team has had a very triumphant season, with a record of 15-4 and three ties All their hard work paid off this Thursday with the winning of sectionals against Morgantown.

Sophomore, Tresz Mcleod, brings home the MVP of the big game, scoring all three of the goals. Tresz is the team captain, and plays Striker, attacking mid, and winger. Following me asking him about his leadership he fills us in on what it’s like being captain. Mcleod says that his biggest responsibility as a captain is “Making sure everyone is on the same page, and keeping everyone focused and ready to play”. He also states that his team has improved under his lead, and that he hopes to continue his junior and senior year as captain of the WPHS boys soccer team.

First year Samuel Rockey says that the training sessions and the help of his favorite coach Aubrie Taylor have brought him and his team to this point in their careers. He then vocalized his excitement to see the results of the 2022 regionals game against University on Tuesday. Captain Tresz Mcleod says that “Our chances are pretty high for winning states”. So everyone please come to support the boys!