Wishes for a Happy Retirement to Two Teachers!


Carter Bauer and Jeremiah Jones

Mr. Cornforth and Mrs. Romanek are retiring at the end of the 22-23 school year after long successful careers as teachers at Wheeling Park High School.

Beloved teacher, coach, and director will be retiring from Wheeling Park High School this summer. Mr.Cornforth has led the Speech and Debate team through all 43 of their wins, and has directed over 4 decades of Park Players Productions. Mr.Cornforth is one of the most dedicated teachers we have here at the Park. He stays late after practices, and even continues to work out of class.

He states “I think my office and the Beneke is my home away from home.” The impact he has made on the theater department is immeasurable, and I hope to see the community carry on his legacy. 

Mrs. Romanek has been a teacher at Wheeling Park high School for 33 years.

“I have always been good at math and liked helping my friends when I was in school” Romanek said of her inspiration to become a teacher. She continued, “the most rewarding part of teaching is when a student or parent lets me know that I’ve helped them in some way.”

Mrs. Romanek offers advice to new teachers “have high expectations, but also compassion.”

The Press thanks Cornforth and Romanek for the lasting impact that they have had on our school community!