Pleasing Plaza Renovation


Will Medovic, Social Media Editor

Here at Wheeling Park High School, our school has undergone significant renovations over the past few years. The redesign of the front entrance, administration offices, the Innovative Learning Center, and now the renovation and redesign of the patio in front of the activities entrance. WPHS head principal Mrs.Dailer revealed in an interview that one of the final steps in the renovation process here at Park would be the renovation of the patio.

She says, “We still have more landscaping to do, and hopefully adding some flowers and pops of color. The student council has chosen different picnic tables and benches to be placed on the plaza.”

She also told us that other graduating classes had donated money to the renovation of the plaza. There will also be lunch tables with umbrellas for students to enjoy during lunchtime.

We also talked to student council senior president Logan Frazier.

He said, “Many other classes have donated benches, which we will engrave or put plaques on. It’ll be a nice place to go and hang out and eat lunch. It’s going to be a nice cozy and chill area with beautiful greenery.”

This renovation will be a beautiful addition to Wheeling Park, making it great for students and the environment!