Student vs. Staff Parking Lot


Andrew Pennybacker, Copy Editor

Back lot or student lot, front lot or staff lot. Even though most students call the parking lots front and back, there’s one thing that isn’t completely correct about that. Whether or not there are any parking spots open, the back lot is strictly for students, while the front lot is reserved for staff and guests only. Although, with the reports of the student lot filling up, there are some students, though mostly good students (according to one of our assistant principals, Mr. Doyle), parking in the staff parking lot out front. But parking in the front lot is technically prohibited for students. 

To find out what the exact issue is, Mr. Doyle explains, “There weren’t enough spaces for visitors,” and among those visitors were members from the Board of Education as well. He also said that the back door will always be locked for safety reasons, and that the broken buzzer to let students in the back door is mostly fixed. 

Another common complaint from students is how they never have enough room to park, and several students expressed their opinions on how the administration should help solve this problem. Bailey Angius, a senior here at Wheeling Park, said that they should let the students who leave school early park where the buses park, which would then leave room for students that are here all day. An anonymous senior student had a very simple answer, though it seems unlikely, said that the administration should just “Let us park in the front.”