Grammar Tpis from the Park Press


Jana Schodzinski, Business Manager

Today, their are so many grammar mistakes too make. between the numerous two’s there’s and your’s, its easy too fell like their is no hope. But don’t fret because the Park Perss is here two help!

  1. avoid Run on Sentence Run on sentences are bad bee cause there hard too understand and nobody well be able too tell what your saying because itll all just look like 1 big sentence and everybody will be confused on win two stop reading and.
  2. capitalization capitalization is a common Grammar mistake because nobody no’s when too make a letter Capital. to avoid this re-member win two Capitalize proper nouns. four example Capitalize specific Places People and, Things end also 1st word of every Sentence.
  3. Tenses an other grammar error is when you using the wrong tense when you were writing. this was a common mistake because people are confused when using is was were and people knead to remember if there using present past or future, tense? and you will need to stick with it whenever you were writig youre papers
  4. comma placement lot of people struggle, with we’re 2 place coma. its a simpl mistake ,two make, but, it can eas slly make yure readers think, ur bad at grammar witch u r if reeding this.
  5. speeling alot fo peple struglge with spelig 4 lots ov difrnt rezons lik writg to fast ore juts beng stoopid, 2 fixi u cna reed ovr youre owkr r jst kt rtig frgosdj!chcbl???!

Happy April Fools!