Period Problems: Solved.

Baskets are now located in all girls restrooms throughout the school.

Lucy Aderholt

Baskets are now located in all girls restrooms throughout the school.

Lucy Aderholt, Editor-in-Chief

Student council worked with the administration to provide free period products in the women’s restrooms, starting in the second semester of this year. On January 13th, our new feminine hygiene stations were set up in the restrooms including pads and three different tampon sizes. No more awkwardly asking to use the restroom twice in ten minutes, no more frantically texting your friends to meet you in the bathroom, and no more emergencies–these stations have you covered.

One of the main concerns with implementing these stations was that they would get vandalized or trashed in the restrooms, but Junior student council Vice President, Abby Heilman, said that rather than vandalizing the stations, “people will respect them because it is something that everyone wants.”

The other female student council members agreed, “I’m really excited that we were able to accomplish this, this is one of the student council’s biggest accomplishments, especially this year. I think everyone will respect the stations because it’s for the greater good of all the girls in the school,” said Junior class representative, Patricia Jeffers.

This idea of mutual respect seemed to be the consensus when asking around the school, “I think that girls will respect the hygiene stations even with a past of vandalization in the bathrooms because there’s just a certain level of respect among girls that we know everyone needs. It’s kind of different from trashing the bathroom with paper towels or toilet paper,” said sophomore, Katelyn Smith.

Lauren Erwin added that one of the biggest benefits of the hygiene stations is there will be “fewer freak-out sessions.”

According to Kathryn Prather, “I’ve had to run back to my classroom to grab a feminine hygiene product for a random girl in the restroom…now it’s more convenient and less embarrassing.”

This addition to the bathrooms will add a new level of comfort to the school, as Campbell Davis shared, “sometimes it’s embarrassing to ask for a tampon, and you don’t want to have to declare that to everyone.”

One junior girl even shared her story of unexpectedly starting her period during school the same day student council put up the hygiene stations, and said it was “great to have them there, especially at that moment.”

Reeselynn Allietta said that the free products are convenient because “if you don’t have something in an emergency, you won’t have to worry about also having quarters on you.” Clearly our female students have been dealing with emergency period situations for a while, and with the school providing them for free, students feel much more comfortable in the building.

Another strong benefit is the comfort and safe place being provided, especially for students who can’t afford period products as easily as others. English teacher Ms. Zumbrunnen said, “I think it’s really great that we’re offering them for free…some people can’t afford that stuff so it’s really nice to just have them available. This is something that’s necessary, it’s like toilet paper, females need these.”

In addition, junior, Shannon Wack states, “I think these will help people who don’t have them at home…they know that school is a safe place to be able to get the products they need.” Teachers and students agree that this change is a huge success for women in the building.

Ms. Smith, the head of the Women’s Empowerment club states, “The new free hygiene products are important because sometimes we may forget them or may not be prepared, and for students who are low income or are struggling with money, it kind of eases that worry that they might have.”

Student Council worked alongside Mrs. Dailer to provide these products in every women’s restroom to make the school a safe space to access these necessary products, without the embarrassment of asking. Feel free to use what you need from the new hygiene stations and scan the QR code if something runs out or needs replaced. Happy menstruating!