Prom Theme Hits the Jackpot


Jana Schodzinski, Business Manager

As you may know, this year’s prom theme has been revealed to be Night in Vegas, but what should you expect from a casino-themed event? Whether it be through extravagant outfits, amusing card games, or ornamental decorations, there are many ways you’ll be able to get the
most out of your special night.

Wheeling Park’s student council is largely responsible for planning prom, specifically the juniors. Lucy Aderholt is the junior class president, and she has lots to say about their plans for the event.

Aderholt says, “We’re going with a lot of gold, red, and black for a classy look. We chose a very extravagant archway. We’ll change the Vegas entry sign to be Park themed. Lots of students will be helping to make the decor. We’re planning to do a lot with the lights, like fairy lights around the cafeteria instead of the main lights. We will have lots of ceiling decorations as well due to the new location.”

You now know the gist of the setting of the event, but what should you expect for entertainment? There will be a DJ to play music and many opportunities to jam out to your favorite songs, but there will also be more forms of entertainment, such as card games. Don’t worry, though, no gambling will be at hand.

What does one wear to a Vegas-themed event? Personally, I would advise you to wear lots of black, red, gold, and even pink. Wear an ornate outfit complete with sequins and feathers. Dangly jewelry and long gloves will make you both look and feel like a superstar.

If you’d like, you can also wear Vegas-themed makeup! Sparkly black eyeshadow and a red lip would perfectly embody the essence of Vegas.

Finally, remember to have fun. Make it a night to remember! Dance with your friends, take selfies, play cards, and go out to dinner. You might even forget you’re not in Vegas. Stay safe and have a wonderful prom!