All Paws on Deck

All Paws on Deck

Taylor Andrews, Managing Editor

Paws for a Cause is having a donation drive all through November for dog items that can be turned into room 333. 

Mrs. Yost and Mrs. White took over the club this year when Ms. Davis retired at the end of the year last year. She and Mrs. White did not want to see the club disappear, and thus volunteered to take over the club. The donation drive is sending all donated items to the Road Home Animal Project.

“The Road Home Animal Project is a non-profit organization that serves the tri-state area.” Mrs. Yost stated. “They mostly work with dogs and small companion animals. They do not have a specific home-base to shelter the animals they take in, so they rely on foster families to care for these animals until a permanent home can be found… their requests for donations will be divided out to the foster families to care for these animals until a permanent home can be found.”

Paws for a Cause, along with having activities such as donation drives, usually visit local shelters at one point through the year. Mrs. Yost stated, “We have been welcomed by shelters in the area. We haven’t gotten to go to any just yet, we are working our way there, but they have been very appreciative of our efforts within the school to help offset the costs of caring for so many unwanted pets.”

Taking a look at student life, Mrs. Yost was quick to talk positively about her club members. She credits club members with coming up with the donation drive, along with other future projects such as taking a day to help at the Ohio County Animal Shelter and hopes of arranging an adoption event in the area in the future. When asked about hoped achievements for the whole club, she answered, “Honestly, I just hope that our club members are taking pride in what they are doing. Aside from that, Paws for a Cause is more than a group of students who enjoy having a pet. We want to see that the unwanted pets are cared for in the best way possible.”

This donation drive is for a wonderful cause and sure to help so many pets find love. If you want to do some good this month, be sure to drop off some donations in room 333.