What’s Up With Art?

Whats Up With Art?

Grace Allen

One of the biggest events in the Art World is the Stifle Awards. The Stifle Awards are awards given for academic achievement many art students look forward to these prices every year as there are different types of prices for each category. The Stifle gives first,second and third place cash prices and WVU,and WLU gives out scholarships to every student.

This week Mrs. Freeman’s Calligraphy class is writing letters to Parker, a student who was recently in a dirt bike accident and is on a long journey to recovery. Recently her painting students painted a mural at Wendys in the Highlands and participated in face painting at the Valley Grove Fire Station. 

In Mr Shultz’s art club the students are currently working on a mural for Steenrod Elementary, decorating christmas pots for the salvation army, and are working to continue the mural in the music hall. Mr Shultz recently showed off his art work at an art show at the Capital Theater. His art pieces were based off of the Holocaust, domestic violence and human trafficking. 

Upcoming Events

Congressional Art Show-Dec 2nd

Annual Winter Art Show- Dec 8th

Stifle Award Submissions- Jan 12-Feb 10th