Swim Seniors Make a Splash

Taylor Andrews, Managing Editor

The Wheeling Park Swim Team celebrated their senior night on January 5th this year, putting the skills of their team on full display.

The swim team has five seniors, which includes captains Aidan Kosol and Ava Sunseri, as well as Lacie Langmyer, Ashlee Edge, and Chat Paiboonpredee.

Kosol has been on the Park swim team all four years of highschool. When asked about why swim was important to him, Kosol answered, “Honestly, I like it because we had a good team last year and we’re building up our team this year. I’ve enjoyed getting to help with that.”

When asked about his favorite part of swim, he answered, “Probably the home meets. They run faster. It’s just fun cheering people on and yelling at them even though you can’t hear anyone in the water.”

The swim team starts early with their preparation to have a productive season.

“In September we started to workout in the weight room.” Kosol said, “Then we transitioned to half in the water, half in the weight room.”

Sunseri has a bond to the sport that runs deep.

“My whole family swims. My sister swims at Pitt, my dad swam at Pitt.”

She started swimming in kindergarten, and although she took a break after her fifth grade year, swim beckoned her back last year, her junior year.

When asked about being a captain, Sunseri answered, “It’s really fun and it feels really good to have people come to us for advice.”

Sunseri thoroughly enjoys the team atmosphere of the sport, loving the support the team gives each other. She also has high hopes for her team next year.

“My hope for the team next season is a healthy team environment, everyone reaching their goals, and having fun. For everyone to stay motivated and positive and put in the work.”

Langmyer has swam for ten years; however, has only competed on Park’s team her first year and this year, her senior year. The most important part about swim to her is, “all the friendships I’ve made and the memories I’ve associated with it.”

Her favorite part about swim is getting to spend time with her teammates.

“I hope that they do well and continue to have fun.” Langmyer said, when asked what she hoped for the team next year.

Edge has swam competitively for eight years now.

When asked about why swim is important to her, she answered, “I love meeting new people and making new friends.”

For hopes for the team next year, she answered, “I hope next season we have better sportsmanship among our team.”

Paiboonpredee has been swimming since fourth grade, although he did quit for about six years before returning to the sport.

When asked about why swim is important to him, he humorously answered, “Because it’s exercise. I want to get taller.”

His favorite part about the team is getting to spend time with his teammates, and when asked about his hopes for the team next year, he answered, “I hope that they will practice hard.”