Math And Influencer Nation Freshman Plays Presented on the PAC Stage


Maliah Miskiewicz, Design Editor

Lights, camera, action! Our Freshman involved in the Introduction to Speech and Theatre class gear up for their semester play, after months of preparing. Two different, but equally as hilarious plays, will be featured at 3 p.m. on February 26th, in the PAC theater. Tickets will be sold for $5 at the door with the exception of Ohio County students who can show their student ID’s for free entrance. 

After two hosts whose jobs are to honor people in our society are forced to shed light towards ridiculous influencers, the play Influencer Nation, by Meg and Carrie McCrossen, shows us the extreme measures influencers will go through in order to entertain and appease their watching audience.  Whether it includes conspiracy theories about cookies, or awful, cringey song parodies, these influencers hilariously encapsulate what today’s society considers to be an important person.

With somewhat outrageous but agreeable opinions about the school curriculum, the second play being shown, Math, by Don Zolidis, perfectly depicts students, and parents, true opinions about their day to day school routine. Actor Jerome Maynard who is featured in this play says that “My favorite line and part of the play is when Cooper’s character coughs while saying “nerd” and then tosses a pencil.” After algebra has been outlawed at student Dahlia’s school, math books are exiled and any talk revolving around math becomes forbidden. After going through hilarious trials and triumphs, the students soon realize that there’s more to math than they thought. 

Wheeling students, family, and friends are all equally excited for this theatrical tradition that comes around twice a year. Influencer Nation actor, Anna Contraguerro, says that “The play I’m in is short and sweet! If you want to see a very funny and entertaining show, come and see it!.” 

While these productions would not happen without our talented, hardworking students, the woman to thank most is teacher Mrs. Isabella Droginske. After directing many past freshman plays, any passerbye who’s seen at least one of the Freshman plays knows that she has never disappointed. Droginske says, “This is a really hard working class! They are having so much fun with their plays that it is a joy to watch.” Get your tickets and come support our students this Sunday!