These Productions Won’t Be A Woeful Tale

These Productions Wont Be A Woeful Tale

Taylor Andrews, Managing Editor

The Freshmen Play, directed by Mrs. Droginske, opens December 4, at 3 p.m. with five dollar tickets at the door. The cast is composed of first years that take Mrs. Droginske’s Intro to Speech and Theater class. There are two plays separated between the two classes. Third and fourth period are doing Homework Eats Dog and Other Woeful Tales. Sixth and Seventh period is performing Fifteen Reasons Not To Be In a Play.


Mrs. Droginske, who has taught Intro for five years, is ecstatic about the play and working with the first years.

“It’s like putting cats in a box, but also their energy is the most fulfilling thing. They’re eager, excited, and adorable…Freshmen are unbridled fun.”

She also talked about the importance of the Freshmen Play building the foundation of the theater program. She knows that it is up to her to cultivate the love of theater students have to encourage them to stay in the program.

I also asked Mrs. Droginske about her script selection and casting process, “Every year I read a few plays that are considerations. But then I work with the students, with improv games and general acting exercises, and choose the play from there.”

She did, however, also lean into the fact that the casting process can often be messy, especially since many kids missed the class auditions this year.

However, Mrs. Droginske still felt confident that she would cast the play well. “They have auditions in class. Students can request some parts, but I tell them everything is an audition. Warmups and introductions count.”

This process helps Mrs. Droginske get a grasp of  who can handle larger roles and who she trusts to play them.

Sydney Wilson is in the third and fourth period class. She went to middle school in Bethlehem Center in Pennsylvania, and has done theater since she was five in places such as the California University Community Theater.

When asked about her character, she answered, “I am playing Mrs. K. She’s kinda devious and mischievous. She’s very intellectual and takes pride in herself. She’s very confident.”

When asked about her favorite part of Intro, she was excited to answer, “The Freshmen Play. I love being able to be on stage and do it with my friends.”

Taylor Tharp, in the seventh and eighth period class, came to Park from Bridge Street Middle School. Unlike some of her other peers, she experienced more of the tech side in eighth grade and worked on hair and makeup.

When asked about her character, she answered, “Cecily is really funny because she talks about people being too shy to do things but is also very shy.”

When asked about her favorite part of intro thus far, she replied, “Honestly, probably all the improv games. It helps with acting but also is fun.”

Bri Zoeckler, in the third and fourth period class, came up to Park from the parochial school system, graduating from St. Michael Parish School. Her theater experience resides in church pageants and middle school shows.

Bri said about her character, “Amanda is one of the students, her homework ate her dog. She really loves science and is very passionate. She’s a perfectionist. She’s also very articulate and smart.”

When asked the best part of intro, Bri answered, “I just love everyone in the class. They’re like a big family. Everything we do is fun.”

Claire McFadden, in the seventh and eighth period class, graduated from Wheeling Country Day School. Claire has experience in productions from the Towngate Theater.

When asked about the favorite character out of the ones she plays, Claire said, “Mandy because she’s kinda crazy. She acts like a fan girl.”

When asked about the best part of Intro, she answered, “Theater rehearsals and being onstage.”

The Freshmen Play is well into the rehearsal process, and sure to be hilarious when it hits the stage. Composed of a class of talented first years and having the talents of Mrs. Droginske behind the scenes, this year’s play is sure to be as successful as years prior.