Shamrock Shake Returns!


Shamrock Shake Photo by Jana Schodzinski

Jana Schodzinski, Business Manager

Shamrock Shakes are a St. Patrick’s Day tradition at McDonald’s, and many people (myself included) look forward to the beloved milkshake returning. This year, Shamrock Shakes returned on February 15, so naturally, I immediately rushed to McDonald’s to buy one, and it did not disappoint.

Many people are confused when it comes to the flavor of Shamrock Shakes. Some say it’s mint, some say it’s lemon-lime, and some say it’s simply a vanilla milkshake with green food coloring. McDonald’s has said it is a green mint flavor, though in 1970, when the drink was founded, it was a lemon-lime flavored milkshake.

People have very strong opinions on the dessert drink, so I interviewed some WPHS students on their stance on the drink.

Ariel Palmer says, “They’re amazing. I love the minty flavor. A lot of people don’t like them, but it’s okay because I like them.”

Devyn Poole says, “They are vile, they are disgusting, they are an abomination, and they really should be burned. They are the nastiest things that McDonald’s could ever produce, and I would argue that they are worse than the McRib.” 

Anna Contraguerro says, “They taste like Spring, being a kid, and the beginning of the weather being warm outside.”

Claire McFadden says, “I love Shamrock Shakes! I think that they should be a year-long thing.”

Olivia Sheller says, “I think it’s gross. I think that the minty flavor just isn’t minty enough and I feel like it’s a fake mint so I feel like it’s fake in general.”

Adeline Schimnoski says, “I hate it because one time I got sick and I had a sore throat and I fell asleep and when I woke up it was by the heater and it was hot and I was slurpin’ that hot Shamrock Shake down.”

Vidia O’Bryant says, “I think that it’s a hoax, and I don’t really understand it considering that St. Patrick’s day isn’t really that big of a holiday. Also, it just tastes like gross, green chemicals and I think they should take it off the menu because it’s probably killing people.”

Will Medovic says, “I love them! They taste so good and the minty taste is refreshing.”

Jessamine Schmidt says, “They taste like toothpaste, and honestly, that’s just not very cool of them.”

Jayden Clutter says, “Their ice cream machine is always down so I’ve never even had one.”

In conclusion, students have very strong and unique opinions on this classic festive drink. If you’ve never had one, run down to Mickey D’s and spoil yourself this St. Patty’s day. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!