Bae On A Budget

Bae On A Budget

Maliah Miskiewicz, Design Editor

While not all of us can get our hands on decorating your boo’s bedroom with rose petals, dim candle lighting, and steamy jazz music, there are by far so many more cute, more affordable, and accessible things that you can accomplish in our moderately small city of Wheeling– while being a zero pay or minimum wage teenager!  Here are ten date ideas to make your partner’s Valentine’s Day dream come true! 

Rom Com Marathon 

I know that I would love to have a romance movie marathon date on ANY day of the year, but valentine’s day is an excuse to force your significant other to log into their netflix, and queue up all of your favorite lovey dovey movies. Grab lots of fluffy blankets, your remote, your partner, and get clicking! 

Spa Day

By spa day, I don’t mean spend 100 dollars getting a full body massage from an overpriced spa, but instead, DIY it! Face masks, cucumbers for your puffy eyes, fluffy robes, and a loving back massage are all cute ways to recreate your spa dreams. 

Bake Cookies 

Cookie making is normally associated with Christmas cheer, but you should NEVER limit your cookie cravings strictly to December. Make heart shaped cookies and decorate them with pink and red frosting! If you’re feeling extra creative, heart shaped sprinkles too! Nothing says romance more than bonding over the delicious cookies you just baked.

Ice Skating

Nothing says romance more than a crowded, cold ice rink filled with a bunch of middle schoolers am I right. Kidding! But seriously, consider going to the Wheeling Park rink during the day. It’s a whole lot less crowded, and plus, nothing beats natural lighting.


Whether your idea of a good cup of coffee is The Wheeling Coffee Shop, Mugshots, or even Starbucks, there’s nothing like quality time accompanied by a good ole’ cup of joe— maybe even a cake pop too!  

Painting Class

While not all of us might be the most artistic, myself included, painting with a professional can not only be the more simple option, but also a lot more fun. You very well might walk in with no artistic abilities whatsoever, but walk out feeling a lot more creative.

Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t love a good morning surprise! Especially when they’re fluffy cakes filled with love and chocolate chip delight. Nothing will excite your partner more, along with their taste buds, than a yummy breakfast. 


While this activity is mildly similar to painting, it’s still equally fun as it is different. Whether it’s painting a cute, premade ceramic mug or sculpting something from nothing but a ball of clay, this is still a great way to bond with your significant other.

Quality Time 

Last but not least, quality time. The most simple activity on this list, but truly the most meaningful. You don’t need to throw a big expensive party to show someone how far your love truly goes. Quality time doesn’t have to be a scheduled ordeal. Spend it doing something that you and your partner enjoy. Even if that’s something as simple as cuddling on your basement couch.