5 Best Local Restaurants For Valentine’s Day

5 Best Local Restaurants For Valentines Day

Will Medovic, Social Media Editor

Here in Wheeling, we have a bunch of places to eat – both local and chain. Either one you choose will be great, but both places have their pros and cons. The restaurants we are going to go to are: Carlito’s Soul Kitchen, Figaretti’s, Olive Garden, Longhorn, and Later Alligator.

Starting off with Carlito’s Soul Kitchen, the food here is amazing! The food here is soul food, like the name. That means you’re looking at some really good southern food. The restaurant is locally owned and operated by people from our community. The people there always greet you with a smile. A good appetizer to share is the Soul WIngs! They are 4 jumbo sized wings marinated in their homemade glaze. This place makes a great date spot because it’s a smaller restaurant which makes it a more intimate place for a date. Now, since this is a local restaurant, your meal is going to be a little more expensive, but trust me when I say it’s worth it!

Next, we have Figaretti’s. Figaretti’s is also a locally owned restaurant. Figaretti’s serves some really good Italian food. Figaretti’s makes an awesome date spot because it’s a nice cozy spot to eat at.  Here as well, you need to be prepared to pay again, because you’re looking at small business prices, but they are totally worth the price! A good dish to share here, is pretty simple. Bread and butter ebofre your meal. It’s simply the best!

We also have Olive Garden. Olive Garden is a chain restaurant, but still has some really good food! Olive Garden is also an Italian restaurant, but here you’re not looking at as many options for different food as you are at Figaretti’s. Here, you can still get your pastas and some other types of plates. You’re not looking at a too expensive meal. It’s very fairly priced for the quality of the food. A good dish to share is their soup, salad, and breadsticks. 

Now, we’re going to head over to the new Longhorn Steakhouse at the Highlands. Steak lovers, this is for you. Longhorn offers one of the best steaks you can get around here. If you’re willing to spend it, Longhorn is just the place for you. There are low, dim lights that make for a very loving dinner scene. A good appetizer to share is their stuffed mushrooms. 

Our last stop, Later Alligator. The only thing to be said for this restaurant is that it is the best food you can get around here. “Later Gator” is another locally owned and operated restaurant in our area. You can get a good sandwich, and end your meal with sharing a Nutella crepe. The restaurant is a warm scene, making for a great place for Valentine’s Day dinner. 

All of these restaurants are great choices! No matter which one you choose, you’re set for an awesome Valentine’s Day meal.