Real or Fake? A Fir-rious Debate

Maliah Miskiewicz, Design Editor

Fake vs. real Christmas trees— one of the biggest controversies revolving around holiday tradition and cheer. Is the real tree too much hassle? Could the fake tree be considered too lazy and phony? Both are valid questions with valid answers! This article might be able to answer the question of how you should spruce up your home for the holiday season. 

Real Christmas trees: Pros 

Scents: A real christmas tree can help fill all of your Christmas smelling desires– without the excessive amount of yankee candles! 

Environment: Real christmas trees help fight climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and other gasses and emitting fresh oxygen, so no, even though you plucked this tree from the wild, you’re actually benefiting to the life of our world. 

Experience: Drinking hot chocolate, bundled up in cute sweaters all while picking out the perfect christmas tree with your family, what could be better!

Real Christmas trees: Cons

Prices: The average Christmas tree price is anywhere from 70-120 dollars. This might not seem like the priciest purchase in your day to day life, but when purchasing a real tree year after year, those prices add up. 

Hassle: Excessive trimming, pine needle sweeping, and watering are all necessary but tedious tasks in order to maintain your live tree. 

Non- reusable: Like any other living thing, trees have a lifespan. Thankfully, the tree will live to last you through the Christmas times, but with the additional care of watering.


Fake Christmas trees: Pros

Pre-decorated: Every decorators nightmare is pulling out the nightmare filled box of tangled lights. Trees with lights can save the hassle and nightmare of untangling!

Reuse: While fake trees sometimes are significantly more pricey than a real tree, you can reuse them for many years, which saves you money in the long run.

Convenience: Why travel a hefty distance, strap the tree to the top of your car, lug it in your house, when you simply can just put together your reusable tree. Whether you’re unboxing a bran! new tree or hauling one from last year upstairs, this is the simpler solution 

Fake Christmas Trees: Cons

Wasteful: What’s in style comes and goes. The same goes for your Christmas decorations. The trendy tree is only going to end up in a landfill after you decide to neither reuse or recycle your tree mistake. 

Toxicity: Most artificial trees are manufactured in foreign countries and made from two items: PVC, which is a petroleum-based plastic, and lead. Not only are these chemicals toxic to our environment, these toxic additives can evaporate into the air over time which can cause serious health issues. 

Both real and fake trees have both positive and negative factors that every family should research before making the final purchase. Decorate your tree how you please, and make the tree decision that you feel is best for your family! Merry Christmas from my tree to yours!