Which Thanksgiving Food Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign ?

Vidia OBryant, Editor-in-Chief

Aries ♈

CornDepending on what your family brings to the table, there may or may not be a large variety of corn present. Aries are known for being loud and having a large presence, much like the corn. Aries also tend to enjoy change and often have contrasting personality traits. This is very similar to the different versions of corn that exist. The sweet, creamy corn in contrast to the salty, buttery corn on the cob is the perfect representation of Aries on the Thanksgiving table. The growing of corn is also very similar to the emotional aspect of Aries. Once planted, they grow, produce seeds, and die. Which is a rather dramatic life cycle, similar to the dramatic emotions Aries carry with themselves. 

Taurus ♉︎

Baked Mac and CheeseTaurus are artistic by nature and known for valuing the physical world around them. The baked mac and cheese is artistic in the sense that it strays away from the traditional version of mac and cheese. Mac and cheese is known for being a worldwide comfort food, making it family friendly and appealing to all. Taurus share this trait because they are genuine people that are easy to get along with. Although they can be stubborn, Taurus will put their all into a friendship and remain determined throughout hardships. The most common factor between this zodiac sign and the dish is the hard layer residing on the outside that opens up to a soft inside. A Taurus is most likely to open up to you emotionally only after they feel 100% comfortable around you.


The PiesWith Gemini being the most talkative sign and dessert being the most discussed topic at dinner, these two go together perfectly. Geminis are known for their youthfulness, relating them to the childlike nature that arises when everyone at dinner is tired of waiting for dessert to be served. As the social butterfly of the zodiacs, Geminis usually get along with everyone. This is why the pie perfectly represents them since there is a pie flavor for virtually everyone. Serving the pie creates a calming, sweet atmosphere at the time much like a Gemini does when they enter the room. All the sugar that goes into pies can be seen in a Gemini’s personality as they tend to move around often rather than sitting still.

Cancer ♋︎

Sweet Potato Casserole (With Marshmallows)Please forgive me for the long title, but there is no dish that fits a Cancer so well. Yes, the marshmallows are absolutely necessary. Cancers feel very deeply, causing them to be extremely empathetic and sweet to those around them. This is what makes the sweet potato casserole perfect for Cancers because of how savory and sweet the dish is. The marshmallows included represent the softness that makes all cancers the perfect comfort friend. Cancers generally prefer to be fun-loving and goofy, rather than serious. The sweet potato dish is a silly treat that almost everyone can enjoy! 

Leo ♌ 

The Turkey: Any Leo reading this will not be surprised that they are the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table. As the sign that represents the ego, it resonates with Leo to be the most important part of the meal. However, this correlation runs a little deeper. The turkey acts as the constant in Thanksgiving tradition which relates to the extreme loyalism that can be found in Leos. Since the turkey is the main dish, it must be cooked and cared for thoroughly or the entire meal is messed up. Any relationship with Leo will take some work, as they have a tendency to believe they’re always right. This is why they relate to the turkey since they both require so much work to finally function properly. 

Virgo ♍︎

A Charcuterie BoardVirgos are known for their love of organization and anything that is appealing to the eye. The charcuterie board is the one organized part of Thanksgiving. Virgos tend to give their all whenever given a task, which is why the charcuterie board works perfect for them. The main appeal of a charcuterie board for Virgos is not just the aesthetic it provides, but the careful thought put into the process of organizing the food. Since charcuterie boards allow creativity and freedom while also having an unspoken guideline to be followed, Virgos admire their energy. Virgos tend to be independent people who function well on their own, much like charcuterie boards function without other dishes and provide snacks from many different food groups. 

Libra ♎︎

Pumpkin PieWhile Gemini represents pie as a whole, Libra is represented perfectly by the pumpkin pie specifically. This is due to the unspoken relationship between pumpkins, fall, and Thanksgiving. Without fail, there will be at least one pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving every year. Libras are extremely loyal, allowing them to relate to the constant presence the pie has at the table. Libras are also known for their love of all things balanced. Pumpkin pie is the sweet, savory counterpart to the large dinner everyone eats beforehand. Aesthetics are usually important to Libras which makes the pie the best representation for them, because what’s more aesthetically pleasing than a piece of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving! This pairing is the most accurate due to the close resemblance they hold.

Scorpio ♏︎

HamBefore you go saying that ham is not a Thanksgiving food and doesn’t belong on this list, consider why it’s matched with Scorpio. Scorpios are known for their competitive nature and there is no bigger competition than the turkey vs. ham debate on Thanksgiving. The meat of a ham is considerably softer than a turkey, relating back to the soft spot Scorpios reserve for their close friends and family. Serving ham on Thanksgiving is a bit ironic and likely to spark a laugh much like a Scorpio and their ability to make light through sarcasm/ironic jokes. It’s in a Scorpio’s nature to be bold and determined, making the ham best suitable for them since they aren’t afraid of showing up unannounced or standing their ground.


Mashed PotatoesThanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without some form of potatoes, this is a common fact. However, the classic mashed potatoes closely resemble Sagittarius. Both the zodiac and the dish are extremely versatile in how they carry themselves. Mashed potatoes can be eaten plain, have add-ons, or be mixed into other side dishes. This aspect represents a Sagittarius’ ability to change and get along with those around them. Mashed potatoes are a very soft, but filling dish allowing them to resemble how the Sagittarius hold many emotions within themselves. Any relationship with a Sagittarius will require patience and be full of working together. Sagittarius are rather sensitive people who lead with their heart, but keep their emotions to themselves unless absolutely necessary. 

Capricorn ♑︎

RollsEvery Thanksgiving table has some sort of rolls. Whether they’re sweet or savory, came from a store or homemade, or even buttered or unbuttered; they are rolls on the table. Capricorns are known for their persistent personality, much like rolls and their persistent presence at Thanksgiving dinner. Rolls are a very traditional food, relating to the Capricorn’s love for tradition. Most Capricorns tend to be sensitive and act very soft with their loved ones. Rolls, or good ones at least, will be soft to the touch and enjoyed by all. Ironically, bread is another term for money and Capricorns are one of the zodiac signs that enjoy making/having money more than the others. Rolls perfectly represent Capricorns as they find their place easily on the dinner table and fit in without a second thought. 

Aquarius ♒︎

Green Bean CasseroleGreen bean casserole is a Thanksgiving delicacy that requires much work in the kitchen. The work that must be put into the dish is what allows an Aquarius to relate back to it. Aquarius enjoys hard work, being dedicated to all their projects, and organization. The casserole represents all three of these crucial traits. A green bean casserole must be done perfectly for the dish to function as intended. An Aquarius will be very independent as they enjoy things to be done exactly as they want and tend to stray away from working with others. Green bean casserole is one of the few Thanksgiving dishes that can be served on its own outside of Thanksgiving and doesn’t require a side dish. Both the dish and the sign are extremely precise, making them a perfect pairing. 

Pisces ♓︎

GravyGravy is the one dish at Thanksgiving that isn’t reserved for just one food. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to eat it. This ambiguity is what makes gravy embody the sign of Pisces! Pisces are known for their ability to get along with almost every other zodiac sign, just as gravy is able to go on almost every dish on the table. Gravy is very versatile in its ability to add flavor, and texture, to the items it’s put on. This is similar to a Pisces’ ability to adapt to new situations and become familiar with new things. As simple as gravy and Pisces seem, once you look on a deeper level it is evident that they’re crucial to their environments.