Best Teacher Pairing Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Vidia OBryant, Editor-in-Chief

Have you ever stopped and wondered what your teacher’s zodiac sign may be? If you’re anything like me, then you wonder all the time. Each teacher here at Wheeling Park radiates a different energy. Keep reading to find out whose energy is the perfect match for you!

Starting off loud and proud with Aries  ♈︎

If you’re an Aries, everyone around you has probably noticed how much space your energy and presence takes up. The same can be said for the one and only squirrel lover, Mrs.Seals! Mrs.Seals is known for wearing the most intimidating, but flattering heels to school everyday. This bold fashion choice alone puts her in the category of people Aries would get along with. Even though she pushes 5-foot-2-inches on a good day, the aura and heels make you forget what her height truly is. As an Aries, her tendency to be a little straightforward and borderline vulgar appeals to your bold and determined personality. Mrs.Seals may be an Aquarius, but her energy is far more fire sign than one would think. She’s the perfect match for Aries.

Moving into the down-to-Earth and stubborn, we have Taurus ♉︎

As a Taurus, your friends most likely believe you to be stubborn and dedicated to what you do. Mr.Podolski, better known as Mr.P, is the teacher for you! He is known for the jokes and pranks he plays with students, as well as his unpredictable nature. The Earth energy that is radiated from Taurus clashes unsurprisingly well with the Capricorn energy radiated from Mr.P. Taurus are also known for their loyalty and rash honesty, making them the perfect match for Mr.P who has never sugarcoated the talent of a string player in his entire career. As a music teacher, he probably appeals to you even more since Tauruses are known for their love of all things music. The craziness from his Capricorn personality is the perfect fit for the sensual, but secretly crazy, Taurus personality.

Things start to get chatty and exciting when we look to Gemini ♊︎

Unsurprisingly, as a gemini most people probably have a wrong idea of who you are as a person. With the common misconception that gemini’s are two-faced, it’s likely you want someone who isn’t judgemental and allows you to be yourself freely. Mr.Michaels, the fun-loving business teacher, is the best match for you! As a teacher, Mr.Michaels creates a light environment that doesn’t push students too far. Geminis tend to enjoy the lightheartedness of life more than anything. With Mr.Michaels being a Libra, the friendliness in him aligns smoothly with the friendliness in you. Both Libra and Gemini are known for being social butterflies, making it effortless for you two to get along. This pairing doesn’t take much to work and once started it will flow freely with almost zero complications!

As we begin to get emotional, next up is Cancer  ♋︎

Everyone knows Cancers have the stereotype of being emotional creatures. However, rather than deny this claim, you should embrace it in Mrs.Droginske’s classroom! Mrs.Droginske is the perfect fit for Cancer and all your needs. She is known for welcoming students with open arms and being the “therapist teacher”. Cancers usually crave a comfortable environment where they can freely be themselves without feeling judged. Lucky for you, Mrs.Droginske is non judgemental and encourages all her students to be the same way. She radiates positivity and nurtures all her students to reach their full potential. This is the exact kind of energy a Cancer needs, even if it is coming from a Virgo.

The emotional aspect moves into ego as we transform to Leo ♌︎

While Leos are very picky with the type of people they put in their presence, the people closest to most Leos tend to have underlying fire sign traits. With a determined personality and sarcastic tone, you would get along the best with Mrs.Nelson! Her Scorpio energy shines with sarcasm and is very likely to amuse any and all Leos. Her dedication to her job and obsession with order is very similar to Leo traits. With the overwhelming urge for attention, you probably want someone you can banter with and be comfortable around. Mrs.Nelson offers this atmosphere once you get to know her and enjoys unique conversations. Scorpios and Leos get along extremely well when paired with each other, making this pairing perfect.

As the ego simmer, the perfectionism comes to play with Virgo ♍︎

If you’re a Virgo, you’re pretty self aware. Everything someone tells you about yourself, you most likely already know. But what you don’t know is that Mrs.Johnson is your perfect match! Surprise, surprise, she’s also a Virgo. The perfectionism between the two of your personalities balances perfectly. Her large hair matches her large personality giving you a sense of entertainment in the classroom. Most Virgos bore easily, but lucky for you Mrs.Johnson doesn’t have a boring bone in her body. She embodies the Virgo with her love for organization while simultaneously carrying her craziness through her teaching. As a Virgo, your match is someone who is exactly like you.

Everything begins to balance out as we move to Libra ♎︎

It comes as no surprise that Libra’s best match would be Dr.Romick. Libras are commonly known for their overwhelming love for Leos. And guess what? Dr.Romick is the epitome of a Leo at Wheeling Park. His outfits and personality stand out from most, making him the center of attention that draws Libras in. The chaotic fire sign energy that comes from Leo balances out with the calm air sign energy coming from Libra. This happens because of the social personality both signs possess. You are probably extroverted with an urge to befriend those around you. This makes Dr.Romick perfect for you because he has a tendency to strike up a conversation at any given moment. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, making them attracted to the love-radiating Leo.

The loyalty begins to shine through with Scorpio ♏︎

Scorpios tend to be extremely loyal and loving. You like to be in control of what you’re doing and while you enjoy input, you don’t want to be told what to do. Lucky for you, the fun-loving art teacher Mrs.Freeman is the best match! As an art teacher, she encourages your creativity and wants you to develop your own ideas. This is the perfect match as she would allow you to have the control you crave while simultaneously encouraging you to be your best. Scorpios tend to be very family oriented which is something Mrs.Freeman is known for. She is a Capricorn who shares the same ambition of chasing your goals and achieving them with the utmost success.

The bold energy comes into rotation again as the signs move through Sagittarius♐︎

Even though Sagittarius has the bold fire energy, they’re considered the most laid back fire sign. You probably value your independence more than anything and enjoy having the freedom to express yourself. This is why Ms.Zumbrennen, or Ms.Z, is perfect for you! As a teacher, Ms.Z takes the route of creativity with her students. She values the opinions of her students, appealing to the Sagittarius sign because of the dire urge you most likely feel to voice your opinion. Sagittarius are known for their casual, but social energy which matches well with Ms.Z since she enjoys conversing with her students. It’s no surprise that Ms.Z is a Sagittarius herself because a Sag-Sag combo is highly compatible in all plains. As Sagittarius enjoy discovering and exploring new things, the two of you will do this together and cherish the energy created!

The bold energy begins to file down a bit as we turn to Capricorn ♑︎

Since Earth signs are known for being calm and practical, Capricorn stands out as the most outgoing Earth sign. With the desire for challenge and ambition for work, your best match is going to be Mr.Galik! You love being organized and having order which works very well with Mr.Galik’s laid out lesson plans. Most of Mr.Galik’s students believe that he gives a handful of work that isn’t something you can just breeze through. To do his work, you have to focus while he is teaching. As a Capricorn, this scratches your urge for challenge. This pairing works because as an Aquarius Mr.Galik shares your love for productivity and competition. Capricorns enjoy realism and tend to stray away from fantasies, much like Aquarius. This specific trait is what makes the match work so well.

Following the last match, we switch into Aquarius ♒︎

As previously mentioned, Aquarius enjoys competition and realism. This is why you will work with the extremely loved Mr.Phillips! (the younger one) You are known for having a complex personality, needing someone who is very understanding. Lucky for you, Mr.Phillips is a Cancer and is the perfect candidate for this. He approaches teaching from a slightly different angle than most and prefers building relationships with his students. This approach allows Aquarius to feel comfortable in their atmosphere, which they value heavily. As a science teacher, he also offers the challenge and hard work Aquarius leans towards. This pairing may be uncommon, however it works perfectly since the traits of Mr.Phillips appeals to what Aquarius looks for in a friendship!

Lastly in the Zodiac cycle, but most definitely not least, we settle with Pisces ♓︎

Pisces are known for artistic and emotional personalities. You are more likely to thrive in a social setting where you can make new friends. This places Mr.Stanton as your perfect match! Mr.Stanton is the epitome of male Taurus as he gets along well with everyone and is a social butterfly. This match will undoubtedly function well as you are prone to enjoy change and go with flow. Through his teaching, Mr.Stanton keeps loose lesson plans, allowing due dates and lessons to be subject to change. Mr.Stanton enjoys making conversation with his students and talking about the things he likes, making him perfect for a Pisces since you enjoy learning the likes of other people. Pisces are also known for their thoughtfulness which allows them to build a strong friendship with a Taurus!