Restless in the Restroom


Andrew Pennybacker

Some restrooms must be locked to prevent constant vandalism or misuse throughout the day.

Andrew Pennybacker, Copy Editor

With no cameras and no staff present inside, bathrooms are always the most prolific issue at schools. Everyone has their own ideas about solving problems such as vandalism, skipping, and vaping.

One of our assistant principals here at Wheeling Park High School, Mr. Doyle said that the main focus is “limiting the number of people in the restrooms.” As well as “limiting every bathroom to four or five people,” with help from the new E-Hallpass system. He also said that although he hopes the problem will be resolved this year, he doesn’t see it ending this year.

A few students also stated their opinion on this issue. Jerome Maynard, a freshman here at Wheeling Park High School, said they should, “monitor the bathrooms more often and make sure only so many people are in a bathroom at a time.”

Another freshman student, Braxton Beiter, had a very similar response saying that there definitely should be fewer people in the restrooms at one time.

Nick Parsons, who is also a freshman, stated his thoughts on how the school is handling the problem and said that they are “doing the best they can.”

Then there are the teachers, especially the ones that have duties around bathrooms such as in between classes or during lunch.

One of the teachers who expressed their thoughts is Mr. Cirilli, a world studies teacher here at Park. Mr. Cirilli gave the idea for a sign-in sheet outside of every bathroom.

Health and Drivers Ed. teacher Mrs. Goodrich said that “they are doing a great job limiting the kids that are in there.” She also said that they are trying to teach kids that you have to wait your turn, just like out in the real world.

Students, teachers, and administration all hope that the restrooms’ issues will be solved soon, saving everyone from the troubles of vandalism, skipping class, and locked bathrooms.