Private to Park

Private to Park

Will Medovic, Social Media Editor


Here in Wheeling, WV we are lucky enough to have three different amazing high schools to go to: Wheeling Park, Wheeling Central, and Linsly. We also have an abundant amount of middle schools, both public and private/parochial. But there is one lingering question: What motivated private school kids to come to Park, rather than private or parochial school?

Ciera Faulstick, from a parochial school, says, “WPHS has so many more opportunities than my private school could offer. Park also has an amazing there program and no private school in this area has speech/debate program. Lastly, Park has many college courses, and is way cheaper which helps me save up money for college!”

Trinity Kimmins, from a parochial school, says, “Park has more opportunities for the vet career I want to pursue and also allows me to take college classes and get ahead. I also wanted to meet new people and not stay with the same group of people.”

Anna Contraguerro, from a private school, says, “Park is a lot more creative and has a lot more options for future jobs and for people that want to do different things.”

Mary Derrow, from a parochial school, says “”I chose to go to Park because I saw more opportunities not only academically but athletically. Being from a private school has helped prepare and challenge me in the classroom and on the court, field and mat.”

Gianna Cipriani, from a parochial school, says, “I feel that the environment is more welcoming and there are more opportunities for people who are interested in the arts.”

Emily Ross, from a parochial school, says, “I chose to go to Park because my sister went there before me and she really enjoyed the environment and that motivated me to go as well.”

Claire McFadden, from a private school, says, “I chose to go to Park because I wanted to branch out and meet new people.”

Jana Schodzinski, from parochial school, says, “I chose to come to Park because I feel like it ahs more opportunities and more electives. I also feel like I had more of a potential to succeed here.”

Taylor Andrews, from a parochial school, says, “For me, I like theater and the arts programs are very important to me and private schools just did not have as much of an arts program to offer as Park did, and their arts program is very prestigious and well known.”

Alex Tennant, from private school, says, “I chose Park because I felt they had more to offer curriculum and extracurricular wise. I also feel that it is more welcoming to go to Park versus private school because you get to create a new beginning for yourself.”

As shown in the above interviews, there are a multitude of reasons why students chose Park over private/parochial schools. Every student expressed how they love Park, and it’s been a great decision for them. Students, and their families, are saving thousands of dollars by sending their kids to public schools. Park is an overall great school for kids to go to, and students have voiced that with their own opinions!