Women’s Month: Mrs. Dailer


Will Nickerson

Mrs. Dailer, working from her desk in the brand new main office space, is always in her school colors!

Vidia O'Bryant, Editor-In-Chief

In light of International Women’s History Month, highlighting the role of our very own principal Mrs.Dailer is a must! The month of March is dedicated to recognizing and uplifting all women. However, it means something different to each and every woman.


For Mrs.Dailer, “It is incredibly valuable to highlight all the people that have brought us to this place in our world.”


She strongly believes that women need credit for participating in that. This comes as no surprise that she believes this, considering her once position of being a history teacher. She added that, “It’s in due time that we celebrate all the women that have helped us throughout history.”


This month is not only about celebrating historically powerful women, but celebrating those who are currently holding powerful positions as well. Being the principal of our school, Mrs.Dailer is essentially one of those women. All powerful women are inspirational.


“I think whenever you see someone like you in a role that does have power or authority, it can be inspiring,” Mrs.Dailer added very humbly.


“It allows you to see yourself in the future and hopefully encourages young ladies to follow their own path.” To her, being that woman who can hopefully encourage other young ladies means a lot. She put it simply, saying, “I think representation is so important.”


Furthering the topic of her position, she added that she doesn’t think of her role in regard to her sex. She is merely another person who has worked just as hard as everyone else to gain the position she possesses. “I think I have proven myself over time to be a good leader, and to me, that’s regardless of sex,” she shared.


Fortunately for her, she added that she has never had to experience discrimination in her workplace due to being a woman.


On the contrary, she has always been surrounded by men that encouraged her to succeed and were generous in mentoring her. She finished by saying, “I’ve never had that feel that something’s been kept from me because I’m a woman.”


Mrs.Dailer is known throughout our school for being positive and showcasing the true vulnerability of her position. As easy as she makes it look, her job is not shy of complications. “I think the hardest part about being a woman in a position like mine is the expectation to be all things at all times. It’s very difficult to compartmentalize being a mother, being a boss, being a friend, being a wife, and the expectations that come with all those roles…that is the most challenging part to balance in everyday life,” she beautifully stated.


Mrs.Dailer deserves all the credit for being not just someone who successfully helps run our school, but being a woman who successfully helps run our school. From her role as a mother and friend, to her role as a principal and mentor, Mrs.Dailer showcases just how powerful a woman can be!