Women’s Month: Ms. Unique


Provided by CIS Ms. Unique

Vidia O'Bryant, Editor-In-Chief

Being one of the most loved women on our staff here at Wheeling Park, Ms.Unique is another staff member who shows the true strength that comes with being a woman!


In Ms.Unique’s eyes, this month is about showcasing who women really are. She shared, saying, “To me, in general, international women’s history month is a big deal…We’re just underrated. Men and even some other women, don’t recognize the power that we hold. We’re always kind of shut down, put in a box, put in a corner, and forgotten about.” And she’s right. Women are often pushed to the side, making International Women’s History Month an essential subject to shine a light on!


Although for Ms.Unique, “really everyday is women’s day.” As much as she celebrates the beauty that is being a woman every single day, she appreciates and deeply values having an entire month dedicated to her, and other women’s, existence. “But for us to get a whole month to really showcase and post and put up billboards, and just really display all of the great things women truly have done. To put that out for everyone to have knowledge of is just empowering,” she voiced.


Her position as Park’s community and schools liaison, which fundamentally encompasses working with students and helping them find a sense of community, is essential to our students. While her guidance and consultation to students provides them comfort, it does the same for her as well.


Ms.Unique emphasized this saying, “I think it’s just a comfort, to me it means I’m a comfort to any kid and every kid. It doesn’t matter how much your family makes, it doesn’t matter what your family has, it doesn’t matter what you look like, how you dress, I’m non judgemental in here. And so to me, as a woman in that position, I just feel like I’m the nurturer in all aspects. So I want people to just feel comfortable coming to me and that just means a lot to me.”


Ms. Unique carries her role at this school very near and dear close to her heart. From speaking with her, it is evident that she values each and every student she comes in contact with.


She vocalized her opinion, saying, “I’m not old enough to call myself the mom of the school, but I’m more like a big sister and I appreciate that. I’m kind of like the bougie auntie.”

Although she now holds this position at our school and has the privilege of helping our students, like most women, she was forced to work harder due to not just her sex, but her race.


“One hundred percent, Especially as a Black woman, I think that I had to work 10x harder than anyone else. I think I still do because I’m young. I’m a young, Black, independent woman.” She continued, saying, “Because I’m young, people often underestimate my abilities, what I can do and how I do it, I feel like, is often judged. And that’s irritating…Just because I’m young, just because I’m Black, just because I’m a woman, doesn’t mean I’m not as strong or as able as anybody else.”


However, the hardships don’t stop there. Ms.Unique feels her entire existence is undermined and judged. She beautifully stated that, “I think also because I’m a Black woman, I’ve had to work harder because the way that I talk to some people is maybe unprofessional, the way that I dress to some people is unprofessional, but I don’t care. I got a little flavor in me. It is what it is. I feel like, I just said this in the newspaper, but somebody is always going to have an issue with the way that I look, the way that I dress, the way that I talk, the way that I act and or carry myself, and that’s fine. I don’t have any issue with that, that’s your opinion. However, ten other people need to experience how I talk, how I look, how I act, how I dress, and how I carry myself in order to thrive in their roles in their lives. And so, I don’t mind being that girl because somebody needs that girl.”


Showcasing herself as a strong, independent, young Black woman, Ms.Unique is an icon in every way! She elegantly stated that being a woman for her means, “We’re resilient. We bounce back. Even if we don’t wanna bounce back, we do because we’re determined. I don’t wanna say that we always have something to prove, but we do. We’re never strong enough, we’re never pretty enough, we’re never smart enough, we’re just never good enough. But we are. We just need to recognize that and we need to embrace that and put that out into the world. And so that’s very much like my motto. I am good.” Additionally, she left a message for students, declaring, “I don’t want people to be afraid to come and talk to me. I don’t want boys to be afraid, I don’t want other girls to be afraid. I don’t want anyone to be intimidated by me.. I am nice.”


Knowing that this interview was the first encounter I’ve had with Ms.Unique, I can testify that her aura is simply comforting. She is wonderful to speak with and the size of her heart is reflective in the words she speaks. Evenso, she voiced her wish to always help the students here, saying, “I’m here to help your school and make your school a better place, and the day that I’m not doing that hopefully I won’t be here anymore.”