Park Thespians Take the Big Apple By Storm


Provided by Taylor Andrews

Taylor Andrews, Managing Editor

The Wheeling Park High School Thespian Troupe took a trip to New York City this February twenty-third to twenty-fifth. While on the trip, students went and saw three shows, with two shows being split options to pick between.

Thursday night all students saw Some Like It Hot.

Some Like It Hot follows the story of brothers and performers Joe and Jerry. After witnessing a mob hit, the brothers disguise themselves as women and join an all-female band in order to stay undercover.

Junior Addy Perks was one of the thespians that attended this show.

“I thought it was the best show I’ve ever seen,” Perks said. “The set was beautiful, the performances were outstanding. No complaints honestly.”

When asked about her favorite part, she said, “Probably the second act. The second act was more exciting and entertaining. The last scene, which was a chase scene, was really fun.”

Perks also got to meet Christian Borle, the actor in the show that played Joe/Josephine.

“Every time I think about it I start to cry,” Perks said fondly. “Honestly, it was the one thing I really wanted to do in New York and I’ve loved him for so long. It was a highlight of the trip and of my life.”

On Friday night, students were split between seeing Hadestown and Chicago.

Hadestown follows the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and sets their love story to music.

Junior Brendan Loy attended this show.

“When I was watching it I didn’t like it because I thought the story was confusing,” Loy said. “But when I got home I listened to the soundtrack again and I realized that it was good.”

When asked about his favorite part of the show, Loy answered, “There was a song called Wait for Me when lights were flying in and out and that part gave me chills.”

Loy was part of a small group that got to meet some of the actors after the show.

Actors met at Hadestown were Reeve Carney who plays Orpheus, Eva Noblezada who plays Eurydice, and Shea Renne who was playing Persephone, the Greek goddess of Spring.

Logan Frazier was part of a group that saw Chicago.

Chicago follows Roxie Hart after committing a murder. The trial of her case rockets her to fame and Velma Kelly, another inmate at the prison Roxie is in, grapples with the jealousy of her fame being lost after the case of her murdering her sister and husband after catching them together.

“I loved the show!” Frazier said. “I thought it was an interesting version, with it not having sets or props. It was very contemporary.”

Like many others, Frazier had a favorite character in the show, Matron ‘Mama’ Morton, played by Jinkx Monsoon.

“I do think my favorite part was when Jinkx Monsoon came out and performed for the first time in the show and got a huge ovation!” Frazier said.

Saturday brought the students back together to see SIX.

SIX the musical follows the six wives of King Henry VIII as they reclaim their stories through a pop concert atmosphere.

Senior Alba Perez Leon excitedly shared her views on the show.

“At first I didn’t expect a lot from it because I knew it was more singing,” Perez Leon said. “But after three minutes I knew it was gonna be amazing.”

When asked about her favorite part of the show, she said, “The story. I like how they combined pop music with the story.”

The Thespian trip to New York was a wild success, with Park students being exposed to many wonderful and diverse shows.