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Zodiac Signs as School Supplies


Capricorn- Pen

Known for their strong will to succeed and great work ethic, Capricorns would be a pen. Like Capricorns, pens are reliable and loyal. Compatible with their counterpart, the pencil, Capricorns and Scorpios are a great pair. Watch out, though, because just like a pen running out of ink, a Capricorn can easily run out of their motivation to be the best. 

Aquarius- Pencil Sharpener

Aquarians are ‘sharp’, so naturally, they’d be a pencil sharpener! Known for being intelligent, creative, and independent, Aquarians are always there for you- just like a pencil sharpener is always there to sharpen your pencils! Aquarians are known physically for looking uniquely beautiful, just like pencil sharpener’s sleek design. 

Pisces- Highlighter

Pisceans are know for their creative, imaginative, and romantic personalities. Similarly to highlighters, Pisceans are great at making other people stand out, as they’re highly emotionally intelligent. Highlighters are meant to help you, just as a Piscean can help you if you’re having a rough day. 

Aries- Backpack

Known for being confident, determined, and bold, Ariens would be a backpack. Just like backpacks, Ariens are always the center of attention. Ariens are fun, bubbly, and full of personality, which mirrors how what backpack you wear tells your peers more about you!

Taurus- Pencil Case

Pencil cases are always there for you when you need something- just like how Taureans are always loyal to their friends! Taureans are calm, reliable, and easygoing- but don’t let their tranquil personality let you think they’re lazy! Whenever you need them, they’re there- just like a pencil case!

Gemini- Schoology

Schoology knows everything- your classes, the time, and answers to homework. This reflects a Gemini’s clever and social demeanor. Many people envy Geminis, as they are very hard workers and have an upbeat, humorous personality. Geminis tend to be a part of a variety of hobbies, just like how Schoology helps all students!

Cancer- Crayon

Emotional, empathetic people are often confused for being childish, just like how crayons are considered childish simply because children enjoy them. Cancerians are known for being intuitive, nurturing, and fun. In addition, crayons and Cancerians are both highly underrated!

Leo- Clothes

Your back to school clothes are the center of attention at the beginning of the year. This is comparable to how Leos are natural leaders. Everybody knows that your back to school outfits are definitive of your personality. Leos are known for their confidence, loyalty, and fierce attitude. 

Virgo- Water Bottle

I know what you’re thinking: “Water bottles aren’t school supplies!” But think about it: Stanley cups are all the rage. They are strong and loyal, just like Virgos. Virgos are known for being practical, analytical, and kind. Water is a necessity- just like Virgos!

Libra- Marker

Librans are extroverted, charming, and fun- just like markers. Markers might not be the most crucial part of school, but when you get to use them, you know you’re in for a good time! Librans, like markers, are happy, social, and great to be around. 

Scorpio- Pencil

Pencils are the go to writing utensil. They are devoted, detail-oriented, and dominant. Highly compatible with Capricorns (pencils), Scorpios are fierce, complex, and enticing. You can always trust a Scorpio- just like a pencil. 

Sagittarius- Calculator

Sagittarians are known for their intelligence, optimism, and strong business mentality. This reflects the traits of a calculator. Calculators can be your lifeline in math class, just like how Sagittarians are always willing to lend a helping hand. 


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