Out with the Old, In with the ILC


Andrew Pennybacker, Copy Editor

 In late January, Wheeling Park High School will be unveiling another major construction project completion, the ILC (Innovative Learning Center.) It is located in the old media center and will include a back hallway. Every teacher, according to Mr. Leggett and Mrs. Dailer, is very excited to get into the new space. As Mrs. Dailer stated, teachers are “excited, ready to get in there.” She also said that she has challenged teachers to get into the ILC at least once in the second semester.

The ILC will have 6 different areas that teachers can book for their classes. One of them being the Makerspace, which students will be able to fabricate and design, and will have laser cutting and printing. Another one will be the small lab, which will feature 3D images. Then there will be the Green Room, which will have a photo backdrop and a podcast space. The fourth space is the Kiva room. Which will have 360-degree dry-erase board walls for students to let their brains go wild. Then the Huddle Rooms that feature 4 rooms to work on things such as projects or presentations. Finally, there is the Presentation space, which will be an open or closed space with seating for presentations.

The Technology Integration Specialist here at Wheeling Park High School, Mr. Leggett, said the ILC “will be a great space for students and teachers to collaborate. Each space in the ILC will have a unique purpose.”

Another thing Mrs. Dailer added is that their biggest fear is having a “beautiful empty space.” Something that will hopefully fix that is teachers being trained on how to use the space. Mrs. Dailer said she is really excited about the Makerspace and is excited about all of the tools that are in there. The ILC will be opening in late January. The installation will be going in on January 9th, and there will be an OCS board meeting and grand opening held on January 23rd. The ILC will hopefully be bustling with classes once it opens; everybody is very excited, whether you’ve had a sneak peek or not.