To Review or Not to Review


Will Medovic, Social Media Editor

Wheeling has many local businesses around our valley that all make a difference in our community. From dry cleaners to restaurants, Wheeling has it all in small business form. But, since they’re not part of a large chain, something that wouldn’t be an issue for a big-box store is a big deal for them. Today’s topic will be bad reviews of businesses.

If you’re a big-box store and get a bad review, the owners may take away some funding. But a bad review can ruin your business if you’re a small business, especially if the business is just getting started.

Bad reviews affect a small business negatively because it gives people a bad taste of a (most likely) great business. It is acceptable to leave a review if you did not have a good experience, but there are limitations to leaving a review. If you did not have a good experience, it makes the most sense to give constructive criticism, rather than bashing a small business.

It may sound like small businesses do not get good reviews, but that is far from the truth! Small businesses are likelier to get a good review than big-box stores. This usually happens because small businesses build their business from the ground up with their own funding. Luckily for them, this is contrary to a big-box store that gets funding straight from corporate.

To recap, it is totally acceptable to leave a review on a business–good or not. Everyone wants to see a business succeed, no matter if they’re a fan or not. But if you didn’t have a good experience, give constructive feedback, and don’t bash a business!