Wheeling Renovations


Will Nickerson, Photo Editor

Get ready for that Wheeling feeling because many exciting renovations are coming to the Wheeling area! The Fort Henry building in downtown Wheeling is going to see many renovations this year. A total of three businesses are set to move into the building throughout the year. These businesses include Steptoe & Johnson Law Office, a West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services, and McKinley Architecture. The project has received over $2 million in funding. Although many changes are being made, most of the historic architecture is staying the same.

Another exciting renovation coming to Wheeling is the permanent return of Avenue Eats. However, the new location will be set on the Waterfront. Before the move, Avenue Eats was cooking out of Nickey’s Garden in the summertime. It has been over two years since Avenue Eats had a permanent home. This is due to the unfortunate incident in November of 2020 where the building the restaurant called home burnt down in a fire caused by heating equipment. The new and improved location is set to open later this year!

Wheeling Middle School is also seeing some major renovations this year. Last December, the middle school saw a sprinkler bust due to sub-zero temperatures. The gym floor also saw major damage. The gym floor was replaced earlier this year, but the school is still going to see many renovations. These renovations include the new windows that are being put into the buildings. Each room will also be given a better ventilation system that allows staff to control the temperature in each room. The middle school will be fortunate to see some changes to its media center as well. The media will be converted into a makerspace where students can get creative with projects. Much like Wheeling Park High School’s makerspace, the middle school hopes it will be a big success!

Wheeling continues to improve as millions of dollars are spent on making the city bigger and better. All the money put towards these projects are in hope to build the city for the better! The city will see many more renovations throughout the coming years as the city continues to grow.