Mrs. Dillon: WPHS Teacher of the Year


Maliah Miskiewicz, Design Editor

“I’ve met teachers who welcome kids with special needs into their classroom, but Mrs Dillon does it on another level,’ said Special Education teacher, Mrs. Cox, in response to Broadcasting technology teacher Caroline Dillon, winning the title of 2022-2023 Wheeling Park teacher of the year.


With Dillon’s motto being: kindness surpasses everything, she has made it her class room mission to include and accept every student at Park.


She says that, “There are some teachers who believe that other people should teach kids with special needs, but I think it’s a rewarding effort that we all need to partake in.”


Dillon has been teaching since November of 1997, and originally had no plans of becoming a broadcast technology teacher, but instead, earned a degree towards English. After the passing of one of her favorite high school teachers, Pat Clutter, who happened to be in the position of Broadcasting teacher, Dillon took the honor of filling his shoes.


“It was really rough for a long time. No one really wanted me to be here. I didn’t even want me to be here. All because we wanted Mr. Clutter back.”


While having the passion behind standing up for a good cause is not always present in most people’s lives, working with the Special Ed department hit close to home for Dillon. Mr. Clutter, Dillon’s beloved teacher, has a special needs child. Being that Dillon was extremely close to Clutter, as well as his family, she knew that working with this department would not only reward her, but instead, Mr. Clutter and the entirety of Wheeling Park’s students and staff.


“I think that it’s really really important for our students, for all students, to work with the special needs kids,” Dillon says.


She was sure that filling the shoes of the legacy of the man who founded Wheeling Park’s entire Radio-Tv program as we know it would be tough, but students, teachers, and administrators alike can all agree the impact Mrs. Dillon had made on park is incredible. Mrs. Cox, special education teacher, agrees especially.


Whether her teaching skills, her and her students work ethic, or even something way smaller than that is involved, you will never catch her slacking. “One of the amazing things about Mrs. Dillon is that she doesn’t settle for second best,” Cox said. “She motivates them. She encourages them. She sets high expectations. That’s important. She’s a professional.”


Dillon not only creates kind hearted students who strive to include and accept anyone who walks into her classroom, but also future hard working citizens. Teaching is not just a job for Dillon, but instead, she works in order to help guide her students towards their livelihood goals.


“Mrs. Dillon has not only taught me how to be a successful student in my TV class, but also has prepared me for real life situations. She pushes us to be the greatest versions of ourselves and I greatly appreciate her for it” Student of Mrs. Dillon, Hudson Davis says.


We thank Mrs. Dillon for all that she has done for Park. For the staff, her past and present students, and most importantly, the special education department. Park is excited to see all the amazing things Dillon has to offer.