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Bah-Hum Bug!

It’s that time of year, Christmas time, and with that comes many problems for the student body and faculty. Christmas can be super stressful, with super tight deadlines, winter sports and seasonal depression. Seeing that the semester is about to end, many teachers are finishing up their lessons. With this comes lots of work, big tests, quizzes and group projects.  Not to mention the overwhelming excitement, such as the music or even the crazy colors. Let us not forget the pressure and stress of buying gifts for everyone in your life. Overall, nowadays Christmas is not as fun as it used to be. 

“I don’t like Christmas because some of my family come in for the holiday and I have to clean the whole house”.

— Karma Hughes

“It has expanded into a multi-month process and If you aren’t enjoying yourself with the horrendous music they play continuously, or enjoying the tv shows, or the fact that choosing many gifts for people costs a lot of money” said Teacher, Mrs. Seals. 

“Christmas music appears way too early in the year and I think Green and Red do not go together”, said one student, Gage Canfield.

“I am not a fan of Christmas music. All I want for Christmas by Mariah Carey is my least favorite one”, said another teacher, Ms. DeSantis. 

“Some people do not have fortunate families, which may affect how people view the holiday”, said student Heath Miller. 

In my opinion, Christmas may just be a little overhyped. Sure, presents and music are fun. But they are fun at what cost? Christmas time is just a really irritating and time consuming holiday. And don’t even get me started on New Years!

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